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Veena Gundavelli - Managing Director
Sai Gundavelli - Director
Rafiq K. Dossani - Independent Director
Jnan R. Dash - Independent Director
Geetanjali Toopran - Director


Veena Gundavelli  
Managing Director

Veena Gundavelli A visionary and seasoned entrepreneur, Mrs. Veena Gundavelli has extensive experience in the software industry. She comes with a strong business management background. Before getting elevated to her current position, Veena served as the Vice President at Solix. She founded Emagia Corp. in 1998 and served as its Executive Officer and President.

In a career spanning nearly two decades, Veena held positions at Cisco Systems, Canon Information systems, among other companies. Besides TechNVision, Veena serves as a board member on Emagia Corp., and Star Analytics Inc.

Veena holds a bachelor’s degree from Osmania University and a master’s degree from Santa Clara University.


Sai Gundavelli  

Sai Gundavelli Sai Gundavelli is the Founder & CEO of Solix Technologies, Inc. He is responsible for the company's overall vision and strategic direction. Under his leadership,  Solix Technologies Inc., pioneered the concept of Enterprise Data Management, providing the first worldwide infrastructure platform to manage data across all segments of Enterprise Data (Structured and Unstructured).

Sai has a proven track record in recognizing and quickly responding to the requirements of the high-technology marketplace. Prior to founding Solix Technologies Inc., Sai spearheaded several strategic initiatives in Enterprise Application areas at companies like CISCO Systems and Arix Corp.

Sai is a member of the Churchill Club, TIE Charter, and NASSCOM. He is a business and technology thought leader and a distinguished speaker in many forums. He holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from University of Oklahoma and Bachelors from Osmania University.



Rafiq K. Dossani 
Independent Director

Dr. Rafiq K DossaniDr. Rafiq K Dossani is a Senior Research Scholar at the Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, Stanford University. His research areas include development, education, finance, international relations, outsourcing and telecommunications. Prior to joining Stanford University, he was the CEO of Jardine Fleming India, an investment bank. He has also served as Deputy Editor of the magazine Business India.

Dr. Dossani served as Director of the Center for South Asia at the Stanford University for AY 2009-2010. He is on the advisory board of the Silicon Valley Indian Professionals Association. He is a member of the India Community Center Speakers Forum, and the Education Advisory Council of the American India Foundation. 



Jnan R. Dash  
Independent Director

Jnan R. DashJnan Dash is a technology visionary and executive consultant in Silicon Valley. He spent 10 years at Oracle Corporation and was the Group Vice President, Systems Architecture and Technology. Prior to joining Oracle in 1992, he spent 16 years at IBM in various positions including development of the DB2 family of products and in charge of IBM's database architecture and technology.

Mr. Dash is a frequent speaker at industry forums around the world on the future of software technology. He serves on several boards and advisory boards. He is also the Chief Strategy Officer at Curl Inc., a Cambridge, MA company.

Mr. Dash holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and Master's degree in Systems Design from the University of Waterloo, Canada.



Geetanjali Toopran 

Geetanjali Toopran

Mrs. Geetanjali Toopran brings with her a vast experience for almost two decades leading Admin and HR positions in the Company. Earlier, she was a lecturer for over 3 years at Pragati Society. In the past, Mrs. Geetanjali Toopran has also served as Director in Digiprise India Pvt. Ltd.

Mrs. Geetanjali Toopran holds a Masters Degree in M.A. (Public Administration) from Osmania University and MHRM from Pondicherry University. She also holds a CRP (Certified Retention Professional Certificate) from CAMI.


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